Research of new global markets and

new business of the future


Global flows in a digital age


Not only more countries but also more players are participating in global flows. Governments and multinational companies were once the only actors involved in cross-border exchanges. But today, digital technologies enable even the smallest company or solo entrepreneur to be a “micromultinational,” selling and sourcing products, services, and ideas across borders. Individuals can work remotely through online platforms, creating a virtual people flow. Microfinance platforms enable entrepreneurs and social innovators to raise money globally in ever-smaller amounts.

We now take for granted that we live in an interconnected world and it is important to become part of the future; and Be the one to change the game or they will change it for you.


Next Consulting helps companies and leaders to have an active participation in global affairs and helps change our mind-set about our role as global citizens.

Next Consulting Activities:

  • Building global partnerships
  • Building brands in emerging markets
  • Market Research
  • Analysis of the business and target market looking for new opportunities
  • Sales Management of SMEs